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Replays Now Available - Event was 12/7 - 12/18, 2020

You are a Powerful Gifted Soul & it is time for the World to know you!

We need to connect, contribute, and collaborate for the betterment of our community like never before! In order to do so, healing and understanding must be at the forefront of the movement. We have no shame. We are not here to present perfect men and women. We are here to talk and listen so we can collectively heal as a community. We have chosen not to say we are okay when we are not.  Over 30 industry leaders have come together to facilitate healing and growth in a manner that caters to the Black Experience!

It is time for you to get access to the resources that cater to your vision, culture, and healing for the unique experience of your Trauma!

Speaker & Attendee Testimonials

The Existence of the Powerful Black Woman is under attack!

Time for Massive Intentional Movement! Our POWER has been oppressed and demonized and our strength recognized! Embodying strength without any POWER has created the Strong Black Woman Syndrome!


In return, we are surviving and exhausted instead of thriving and full of life. Our connection is fragmented, as each of us strives to rectify our situation. We have created disjointed Sisterhoods.


From Reiki to Jesus, Crystals to oil, prayer to sage, Allah to Ancestors, meditation to affirmations we are separately on a journey of Self-Discovery, Power, and Freedom!


Simultaneously, as we heal our wounds, we want to share the liberation in our spirit w/ the sisters we see still stuck!


Stuck in the pain from Rejection, Abandonment, Miscarriages, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Poverty Mentality, Adoption, Abortion, Rape, Molestation! This list is not exhaustive

The Existence of the Powerful Black Man is also under attack!

We have been manipulated to see our struggles separately. We can no longer make this a black man vs. black woman issue. It is a black family and community issue.


Police brutality is real against both sexes, but disproportionately so with our black men.  More of them are in jail. As the prison to pipeline program was created specifically for them.

It is time for Kings & Queens to be in position together. Our men are stuck and suffer from the same pains caused by

Rejection, Abandonment, Miscarriages, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Poverty Mentality, Adoption, Abortion, Rape, Molestation and more!

Unlike women who tend to be more emotionally vocal, it is taboo for our men to open up. But our brothers have said enough is enough and have joined forces with us because...

The Existence of Black People Periodt is under attack!

While they will not kill us all, the agenda for mental, emotional, and spiritual control is alive more than ever! We are worth more to them alive than dead. The only way to release this pain and the mental shackles is to address the trauma individually and collectively!

We have chosen to heal together!!!

We invite you to heal with us!!!

Are you ready to stop pretending to hold it all together!


  • Protecting those that violated us

  • Staying in toxic relationships

  • Medicating w/ caffeine, alcohol, drugs or addictive, unhealthy relationships

  • Torturing ourselves to serve while ill

  • Suffering in silence while our offenders roam in peace

  • Rushed/absent grieving

  • Suicide

  • Abuse in any form

  • People pleasing

  • Pretending we are okay

  • Serving others and denying ourselves

  • Passing down generational curses

No Longer Bound by Judgment

In life, we show up w/ just enough strength to get the job done. Those of us who operate in our Power often do so in secret to escape scrutiny.


  • Our mother’s question our belief in God

  • Our sisters in Christ Damn us to Hell for our practices

  • Our partners don't understand us

  • Some challenge our black card

  • People question our spirit of forgiveness

  • We use our power but with a dim light




Come and get the tools/resources to operate with POWER & AUTHORITY!

Time for Freedom of Expression & Connecting to Our Ancestral Roots 
Copy of no trauma words.png

Come and get the tools/resources to operate with POWER & AUTHORITY!

Our gifts are innate, we simply need to cultivate them. Excessive strength and solitude is the kryptonite to our soul’s mission.


We are at war for Ourselves, our men, and our children!

It is time to piece together the puzzle as we each are on Divine Assignment to end our struggles.


When we operate as a Collective (mastermind) we Declare and Decree




We choose to rise and lean into those uncomfortable places so we may heal. We are worthy of Abundance in our mind, body, and spirit.


Join us as we will have speakers who specialize in the services and resources you need to facilitate your healing.


Join the essence of community, as we unite through vulnerability. Learn how your sister triumphed on the journey.




We have chosen to operate in the Power of the Divine and Create Our Own Reality

Just when you thought TRAUMA didn't apply to you...
White Kami.png

Rebirth After Financial & Spiritual Trauma

Dr. Kami J. Anderson

Your Linguistic Mama Diva

Relationships rooted in financial trauma can be difficult because survival is at stake. Walking away isn't only uncomfortable, but very scary, especially if children are involved. Strong faith is needed. Learn how reigniting the connection to the Divine will open the windows of blessings. Starting over will be easier than you think.

White Charmaine.png

The Impact of NO Childhood & Premature Adulthood

Charmaine Fuller

Life Strategist

It is deeper than being a latch-key kid. The increased responsibilities create a fear of expression and an abnormally high level of self-reliance. This can prove to be detrimental in relationships especially marriage. Often we miss the relief that comes from supportive relationships. But of course, we can handle this on our own.

White Nataushia.png

Hurricane Katrina - Trauma from Natural Disaster

Nataushia Miller

Freedom Coach

Natural Disaster does more than destroy homes and communities. It can impact your faith, money mindset around provision, and overall sense of fear. Something as simple as rain can become a trigger. Our friends, family, churches, community leaders, and government officials may fuel our anger by the way they "don't" respond. Come learn how Nataushia freed herself from 10 years of the trauma she had no idea she was carrying. 

angel headshot.jpg

Hidden Beauty for Safety

Angel Richards

Life Coach

When you are outspoken and helpful as a child you may be taken advantage of or physically harmed. Often many women physically, emotionally, and spiritually hide their beauty to remain unnoticed. Many suffer from the fear that comes from attention. Often it feels safer to hide behind the mask of being a bitch for protection. OH my, the freedom that comes when the real us comes out. 

White Lakeisha.png

Fatherless - Physically or Emotionally Unavailable

LaKeisha Hankins

Courageous Accountability & Mastermind Coach

The pain we suffer from an absent father follows us into adulthood and often determines the quality of relationships we end up in. Please know a father can be in the home and his presence still absent.

White Irma.png

Judged & Alone

Irma Abraham

On-Demand Virtual Executive

Walking in faith will require you to make decisions others will not support. It is even more difficult when insults are added. Initially, to deal with this many may become people pleasers.  Choosing to walk in your power and awethenticity may create rifts in our relationships. Prayerfully, they will learn and respect you as you stand. 

White Nataja.png

DWB - Driving While Black

Natajia Miller

Anti-Racism Educator

It is traumatic to witness police brutality and other racist acts. It is even more painful to experience it. It only intensifies when there is no wrongdoing. Coming to Atlanta to get her MBA almost turned out to be a bad decision. More and more women are victims of violent acts by the police. Yet, her experiences around the globe have allowed her to see the agenda extends beyond the American borders. All of her experiences cause Natajia to fight for true racial equality. 

White Curtis.png

Touched too Soon

Curtis Brooks

Life Coach

It isn't a right of passage for a young boy to experience sexual pleasure. Innocence is precious and should be protected. Learn how brother Curtis was able to heal and forgive after being touched to soon. See how God blessed him to love his way out of the pain. 

White Latoya.png

When Life Is Too Good To Be Ungrateful

LaToya Frazier

Project Manager & Digital Marketing Consultant

The strong ones are always slept on. Check on your strong friend. Those of us who are strong and have become exceptionally successful need even greater attention. Questioning your existence is not about being ungrateful. Sure you may be successful in your career, have great kids, and an excellent husband but what you don't have is time for yourself. When you have been groomed to be the go-to person overwhelm will set in. One day you can go from autopilot to the suicide hotline. 

White Kimberly.png

Narcissism and Spousal Sexual Trauma

Kimberly Weeks

The Narcissistic Abuse Coach

The pshychological trauma alone from being married to a narcissist is a force to be reckoned with. Many women are violated sexually in their marriage, financially chained, emotionally disturbed, and ultimately are prisoners. Even after breaking free, a physical ailment may manifest. You can be free!


You will be free! You need to know what you are up against.

White Cheryl P.png

Culture Shock from Constantly Moving

Cheryl Parks

The Sales Growth Coach

Are you really shy? Perhaps there is a hidden trauma you didn't recognize and it comes from moving. Moving often creates instability and insecurity in young children. Constantly starting over and making new friends is tough enough; racism magnifies it. When you went from knowing everyone to not really being accepted in your neighborhood you may become "Shy". No more being invisible; time for the world to meet you. 

White Theron.png

Parental Trauma -Learning to Honor Our Child's Story

Theron Sheffield-Brown

Creator of SuperWoman StillStanding Events & SWAGU

Most of us learn how to parent on the job. In an effort to do better than our parents, we may be too protective or too lenient. In the end, we learn not to be too hard on ourselves. We learn our children have their own story to tell and all we can do is the same thing as our parents. We do the best we can. 

White Bro Bedford.png

Black Love is Needed in Black Business

Brother Bedford

The Founder of The Masters Of Business Network & Mastermind Community

No matter the trials with his own community, Bro Bedford has continued to expand a business focused on the betterment of his brothers and sisters. He has looked death in the eye from the hands of his own people. He overcame the fears and insecurities of building a business and now teaches others to create businesses that serve the black community in patience and love!

Tammie White Background.png

Neglected Health Will Shut a Beast Down

Tammie T. Polk

Professionally Sassy Business Woman

Often sisters push and push. We believe if we don't do it, it won't get done. Better yet, it won't be right. We fight to keep deadlines so others are not disappointed if we don't finish. When we don't make time for something as simple as rest, it will make us make time for it. You can look forward to getting help and rest or look up at the ceiling. 

White Dawn.png

Sexual Trauma Often Leads to Spousal Abuse

Dawn Peek

Founder & Executive Director of My Sister’s Keepers of Atlanta

When you are sexually violated and those closest to you do nothing to stop it, the first declaration may sound like this, "I WILL BE NOTHING LIKE THEM!" Dawn learned soon she carried the dysfunctions from her abuser and those that enabled him into adulthood. She went from being abused to used to sexually. Unfortunately, sexual trauma will lead to poor relationships and ultimately spousal abuse. 

White Listiner.png

Undiagnosed Mental Illness and Child Abuse

Listiner Inspires

Healing & Recovery Accountability Expert

We have finally realized we can't ignore mental illness in the black community anymore. Many of us were raised by parents who were mentally unstable. The abuse suffered can go from the extreme of physical to even sexual abuse. On top of that add foster care and rape. Some of us are blessed to be sane. If you were raised by undiagnosed mentally ill parents you know this trauma is real, but do you know there is true healing and life after?

White Skywalker.png

Facing Our Racial Stories/Ancestral Trauma

Skywalker Payne

Storytelling Energy Healer

It is one thing to deal with the racist experiences of your own and another to come into the realization of it in your ancestors. It isn't as easy as calling it black or white. We are living in a multi-cultural world. People are in interracial relationships. Mixed blood is in our veins rather it be by choice or rape. Healing the racial stories will require one to face ancestral trauma. 

White Amber.png

Adolescent Pregnancy

Amber Nicole

Confidence & Trauma Coach

We really need to reevaluate our criticism in society. Is that child really a fast-tail heifer? Perhaps, she is a baby girl who was touched way too soon. Being pregnant in middle school should have been a red flag for people to come save Amber. Instead, it was open season to verbally and emotionally attack her. What is done in the dark will come to light and black people have to stop saying that is some white folk shit. We must protect our young.

White Kristin.png

When the Giving Doesn't Stop

Kristin Akerele

Energy Healer

Over giving and the concept of being a natural nurturer has been engrained in the minds of women all around the world. Regardless of skin color, we share many of the same fears and desires around child care. For white women, we call them panic attacks, for sisters we will say we broke down. In the end, we both end up with the same problem. We need to set boundaries and protect our energy. Over giving can lead to traumatic experiences. 

White Charmaine G.png

Multiple Marriages & Multiple Forms of Trauma

Charmaine Grafton


Is it three times is a charm or three strikes you're out. Well in Charmaine's case it is neither. Many women deal with embarrassment after multiple marriage failures. We live in a society where we are taught God hates divorce. Our culture often says to stay together for the kids. Unfortunately, many of us have no idea who we are before we begin co-creating with another person. Well, she isn't out for the count but very patient through her healing before she brings another man into her life. 

White Dotrell.png

The Curse of External Validation

Dotrell McNeal

Certified Life/Confidence Coach

While we are busy saying shake the haters off and Ima do me. Most of us really do care what others think. While opinions can be helpful, there is a time when they are not needed. Issues with weight or questioning your intellectual capacity can cause you to need permission from others. When decisions can't be made or you don't walk in your truth out of fear of what others are thinking, you are dealing with the curse of external validation.

Lynn White Background.png

Abundant Opportunities After Trauma

Lynn Meyer, MA, LPC

Emotional Healer

When you are still crushed spiritually by your trauma you may miss opportunities. Some of you will not see them and pass them up. Once you realize what you missed, you may be a little hard on yourself. Don't give up; God knows you are still going through your process to become the woman you were created to be.  The blessings will flood in as you embrace your journey. 

White Stacie.png

Elevation and the Returning Triggers

Stacie Walker

Digital Marketing Strategist

I know you want to just get over it, but that isn't how it works. While your trauma won't have the same impact after you have healed, it will come back to haunt you. Each level of elevation is a confrontation of an old version of you meeting the new. The same thoughts and insecurities will pop up. However, you will be better armed to fight. Don't think you are crazy because you should have gotten over it. Come learn how to have an empowered mindset and realize you are moving up a level. 

White Judaline.png

Addiction and its Effects on the Entire Family

Judeline Galek, MBA

Family Recovery Support Coach

We know the one dealing with substance abuse needs help but what about the rest of the family. Many of us have had parents, children or close friends wrestle with addiction. Most facilities don't offer long-term help for the family. We may be taught about the phases of recovery, but what about our trauma. It takes a lot of love, patience, and knowledge to endure the journey, especially if you are led to believe you have had any impact on the person's addiction or impeded the recovery progress. 

White Imani.png

Miscarriage & Missed Love

Imani Aieshah

Marriage Coach

In a critical moment in her pregnancy, Imani had to choose to make a choice and seize the one thing she desired. So often, in our time of need, we fear being a burden. In reality, we should be grateful that it is an opportunity to receive love at the highest level. It is abundant and unconditional. 

White Anitra.png

Military PTSD from Sexual Trauma

Anitra Lane

Virtual Business Manager

It is one thing to be discriminated against even when you sign up to protect your country. Imagine putting your life on the line, being sexually violated, and realizing you are part of a system that isn't for you. The first reason is because you are a woman and the second because you are black. For three decades Anitra tried to live and hide her trauma. Now she exists to help other women evolve from survivors to thrivors!

White Felicia.png

When a Mother Buries Her Child

Felicia Williams

Life Coach

The Natural Order is desired. Parents don't expect to outlive their children. Losing a child is hard enough, but it is magnified when it happens in chaotic and tragic circumstances. Not knowing how to deal with the anxiety will affect how we parent and can destroy a good marriage. You can question what could you have done differently. Blaming yourself won't help. Simply put, a parent expects their children to bury them, not the other way around. 

White Lenora .png

Success Doesn’t Negate Suicidal Thoughts

Lenora Je'-nene

We can gain courage and move on from unhealthy relationships. But the younger you are when you entered it, the more difficult it can be to reprogram the mental and emotional trauma. While she continued to move forward, negative spirits were looming in the background to take her out. That on top of the fact everything seemed to be going wrong at the same time caused this Queen to question the need for her existence. 

White Claire.png


Claire Kashukwe Limbwambwa, MA

Claire Kashukwe Limbwambwa, MA

We must be careful how we speak to our child and the resentment we harbor as a parent. When a child grows up to believe they are the source of adult problems they typically fall into two equally opposing categories: people-pleasing and self-rejection. There is a natural yearning to be accepted, coupled with the fear of rejection, so they inflict it upon themselves. 

White April.png

The Voices - Removing the Impact

A R Smith

LeadHership Coach

I know what the doctors told you but what did God say? What does your heart believe? So often we listen to the physicians and do whatever they say instead of taking charge of our health and well being. Dealing with the medical industry can cause mental anxiety and have physical repercussions. 

White Seraphie.png

When Abuse is Normalized Since Childhood

Seraphine Ruligirwa-Kamara

Business Coach

The things we see, the expression our mothers and grandmothers spoke, even many of the songs we played normalized abuse. Often we are taught with much detail how to be a good wife and men are given the mere lesson to provide. Many of us must go on a journey and fight to get to real normalcy and recognize our true power without a man. 

White Carole.png

Life After Loss a Widow's Story

Carole Davis

Carole Davis

What will it look like when you lose the love of your life. Men tend to hold things in and hold things down. Unfortunately, one day an illness can go from minor irritation to the cause of death. When your husband was your rock and encourager it can be hard to keep on. Death is certain but when it comes out of nowhere the effects may create shock and truama simultaneously. Carole is a young widow who had to learn to live again after one moment of taking her husband to the emergency room to a couple of days passing and he was gone. 

White Frederick.png

Poor Health is a Threat to Your Family Legacy

Frederick E. Geiger

Independent Executive

Part of his wake up call was losing his mother and father to poor health. On one hand, it caused tremendous pain. On the other, it provoked a spirit of responsibility. Taking over your health requires commitment and discipline. Fear of not being able to leave a legacy can cause setbacks or flair ups of old behaviors. 

rynette new.jpg

Perpetual Obstacles When Pushing Toward Your Purpose

Rynette Upson Bush

The Purpose Pusher

How much can a sister take! When your life seems like a series of unfortunate events, moving past trauma can wipe you out. The typical issues in life were popping up for Rynette, but in addition, they were coming back to back and in the midst of a pandemic. It will take more than your strength to prevail. Let's look at healing while trauma is simulataneously being compiled.

Auguste White Back ground.png

The Eulogy – Death of the Imposter

Auguste Crenshaw

Business/Sales Coach

Auguste is far from an imposter. Work with her in any capacity and you will see she is the epitome of AWETHENTICITY through and through. Black women come to her seeking the secrets to her openness and UNAPOLEGECTIC FREEDOM, something that seems far off to many black women. For the finale learn what she does and see into the window of her mentality. Trauma fueled her and she refused to be an imposter. Get ready to attend the funeral of the imposter.

Event Schedule
December 7, 2020

11:00 AM EST - Opening Ceremony

12:00 PM EST -Rebirth After Financial & Spiritual Trauma, Dr. Kami J. Anderson

2:00 PM EST - The Impact of NO Childhood & Premature Adulthood, Charmaine Fuller

4:00 PM EST - Hurricane Katrina - Trauma from Natural Disaster, Nataushia Miller

December 8, 2020

12:00 PM EST - Hidden Beauty for Safety, Angel Richards

2:00 PM EST - Fatherless - Physically or Emotionally Unavailable, LaKeisha Hankins

4:00 PM EST - Judged & Alone, Irma Abraham

December 9, 2020

10:30 AM EST – Live Panel Discussion

12:00 PM EST - DWB - Driving While Black, Natajia Miller

2:00 PM EST - Touched too Soon, Curtis Brooks

4:00 PM EST - When Life Is Too Good to Be Ungrateful, LaToya Frazier

December 10, 2020

12:00 PM EST Narcissism and Spousal Sexual Trauma, Kimberly Weeks

2:00 PM EST Culture Shock from Constantly Moving, Cheryl Parks

4:00 PM EST Parental Trauma -Learning to Honor Our Child's Story, Theron Sheffield-Brown


December 11, 2020

12:30 - PM EST - Live Panel Discussion

2:00 - PM EST Black Love is Needed in Black Business, Brother Bedford

4:00 - PM EST Neglected Health Will Shut a Beast Down, Tammie T. Polk

6:00 - PM EST Sexual Trauma Often Leads to Spousal Abuse, Dawn Peek

December 12, 2020

12:00 PM EST - Undiagnosed Mental Illness and Child Abuse, Listiner Inspires

2:00 PM EST - Facing Our Racial Stories/Ancestral Trauma, Skywalker Payne

4:00 PM EST When the Giving Doesn't Stop, Kristin Akerele

December 13, 2020

12:00 PM EST - Adolescent Pregnancy, Amber Nicole

2:00 PM EST - Multiple Marriages & Multiple Forms of Trauma, Charmaine Grafton

4:00 PM EST - The Curse of External Validation, Dotrell McNeal

December 14, 2020

12:00 PM EST – Live Panel Discussion

2:00 PM EST Abundant Opportunities After Trauma, Lynn Meyer, MA, LPC

4:00 PM EST Elevation and the Returning Triggers, Stacie Walker

6:00 PM EST Addiction and its Effects on the Entire Family, Judeline Galek, MBA

December 15, 2020  

1:00 PM EST – Live Panel Discussion

3:00 PM EST - Miscarriage & Missed Love, Imani Aieshah

5:00 PM EST Military PTSD from Sexual Trauma, Anitra Lane

7:00 PM EST When a Mother Buries Her Child, Felicia Williams

December 16, 2020

12:00 PM EST - Success Doesn’t Negate Suicidal Thoughts, Lenora Je'-nene

2:00 PM EST Self-Rejection, Claire Kashukwe Limbwambwa, MA

4:00 PM EST The Voices - Removing the Impact, A R Smith

December 17, 2020

12:00 PM EST - When Abuse is Normalized Since Childhood, Seraphine Ruligirwa-Kamara

2:00 PM EST - Life After Loss a Widow's Story, Carole Davis

4:00 PM EST - Poor Health is a Threat to Your Family Legacy, Frederick E. Geiger

6:00 PM EST - Live Panel Discussion


December 18, 2020

12:00 PM EST Perpetual Obstacles When Pushing Toward Your Purpose, Rynette Upson Bush

2:00 PM EST The Eulogy – Death of The Imposter, Auguste Crenshaw

8:00 PM EST - Closing Ceremony

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