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Time for more Business Owners to claim your space in these "innanet" streets!

I rock with industry leaders. One thing is for certain there is still plenty of space and money to claim in these innanet streets!

It is time for more of us to GRAB the BAG!

Unfortunately, the problem remains that there are a lot of predatory people out here. The blessing of the internet is everyone has access. The curse of the internet is everyone has access. I am proud to say I make sure you get to recognize the real versus the fake.


The dirty C-word has switched the game. If you are like me, you are an eagle. I came into this industry solely to build an online business, but I get it! We want the advantage of online but we still need to feel a connection. I am the Queen of creating online events with an in-person feel. 

I am inviting you to join forces with me to make sure more entrepreneurs realize the need of mastering and scaling their virtual economy.  Please listen to the above video so you can learn what it means to be part of an AC Production. You will make a difference and generate leads!

Tentative Summit DatesMay 9 - 5/28/2022

Promotional Period: April 5 - May 9, 2022

Next Steps

My desire is to make this as efficient, and thorough as possible! Once you click the "SIGN ME UP! button," you will get TIME-SENSITIVE emails to fill out the application and a link to my calendar.

Below is the ideal flow of securing your spot. 

1. Schedule your connection call

Yes, Queen let's connect first to make sure we have the same vision and are a good fit to work together. Don't forget to fill out the application and read the guidelines before we meet.

2. Record Your Interview

Calls are 30 -60 minutes

Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 8 PM EST

We will schedule this after the connection call.

3.Share the Summit

Promoting will be easy. You will receive all the graphics and copy you need, plus promoting does have it's benefits, including and not limited to up to 50% commission! Read below for more details.

We are promoting the very core of who we are!

As a Speaker you are cared for!

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Speaker Benefits

Speaking has its rewards!

INVESTED AUDIENCE - people who attend have already been primed to invest

COMMISSIONS - For every Summit Access PASS sold

BUILD YOUR LIST - Get the opportunity to generate more leads

MORE SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES - Get first consideration for all future events!

INVESTED HOST - I put my money behind the experience! Ads will be running to ensure a broader reach!


The most important objective of an AC Summit is that our attendees have a top-notch experience. All things are done in the spirit of EXCELLENCE!

SPEAKERS are expected to offer transformative, no-fluff interviews! When we offer a dynamic experience, the attendees will experience a change in REAL-TIME!

My second expectation is to SPOTLIGHT each speaker in a manner you feel honored as the experts you truly are. You have viable resources and often EXPOSURE is your biggest need. Our sisters need to hear and see you!


With that understanding, you are expected to send a few emails and do some social media posts. When we collectively promote we cross-pollinate our audiences and increase the odds for everyone. WE ALL REAP THE BENEFITS WHEN WE DO!


Don't worry everything you need will be provided: graphics and copy will be given to you in a timely fashion so you can map out your promotional strategy!!! 

If you are all in and fully support the vision, I want to compensate you accordingly! The Featured Speaker Positions are available.  Check them out below. 

Your Commitment (confirmed after the connection call)

World Changer Woman -25 slots


  • Receive a 30% Commission of your ticket sales 

  • List Building Opportunity

  • Standard & Bonus Promotional Material

  • Promo Video Commercial Provided (great for future credentials)

  • Workbook Feature (additional promo of you as a speaker)

Your Commitment

  • Must invest in All-Access Pass $97

  • Participate in 1 Panel Discussion during the summit

  • Must host one Live Video during the promotional period (15 - 30 min.)

  • Send a minimum of 6 emails during the promotional period (materials provided

  • 5 Social Media posts during the promotional period (IG, FB, LinkedIn)

  • Must join and participate in the Summit Event Group

Make sure you open up emails this is time-sensitive.

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