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Capture More Clients

The question isn’t can you get results. On the rare occasion you obtain a client, you show up and show out. Once they implement your strategies or hire you there is immediate evidence of transformation. The problem is you don’t get new clients often enough. 
You have the attention, likes, and comments but not the cash. I know this feeling too well. I went harder and showed up more than anyone I was connected to in the industry, but I wasn’t signing up any new clients. Since I have mastered the strategy of creating content that converts, I have taken my genius and taught other women in business how to communicate in a way that leads to paying clients. Nothing feels better than eliminating the uncertainty.


Living Client to client feels no better than check to check. 

Learn to promote and get responses from potential clients eager to pay you.

This happens when you master the art of attracting and repelling.


When you communicate clearly not only are your potential clients ready to invest, they are ready to pay your desired rate. This is the key to consistent income.


It is evident you need to tighten up your message if:

1. People love what you do but don’t want to pay you
2. You get attention but no inquires
3. You get inquires but you don’t close
4. Content gets little or no attention

People purchase from those they know, like and trust. 

They may like you and they are getting to know you, but their trust is slowly coming.

Know like and trust accelerates when:

1. You clearly articulate their pain.

2. You offer an indisputable solution!

3. They are certain of the transformation you provide!



This is a group training for coaches and consultants who are ready to learn how to speak in a way people go from curious to cashing out.


Get ready to enter a program that is intimate, so you don’t get lost in the numbers. Experience direct contact with me, Auguste Crenshaw. This is not an automated-ONLY experience.

I will be right there to guide you.

This is why I offer limited slots for my programs.

You will have live Q&A with me to guide you through the training assignments.

Experienced unparalleled group support.

Learn and Implement the strategies and watch how easily you Capture More Clients

Your Content Will Provide:
Course Process

The work begins immediately. You will have access to a private group and the training material.

One of your first primary assignments before our first call will be the Ideal Client Clarification. This training is delivered via video and is accompanied with a manual.

Your first week you will also have a BONUS private 1-1 Session with Auguste.

SCHEDULE - March 1 - April 4, 2020

Week 1 – Bonus Call, Mindset Work, Initiate Ideal Client Profile
Week 2 – Clarify Your Offer & Price Point 
Week 3 - Collaborative Exercise to Grow Your Audience
Week 4 – CIA (Connect, Inform, call to Action) email strategy & Outreach (non-spam and effective)
Week 5 – Momentum Call - map out your strategy going forward


1. People reaching out with genuine inquiries
2. Grow your tribe of loyal followers positioned to pay for your offers
3. No more confusion; deliver concise content that converts
4.  Get clients you connect with (love) and no regret a.k.a headache money

CAPTURE MORE CLIENTS has been created to get you access to your Ideal Clients. More Clients = More Income = Experience Life on Your Terms


I have been where you are.

I can’t express how fulfilling it is to have loyal clients who crave your offers and send you referrals.

The real question is, can your business survive in its current condition and if so, for how long.

It can be scary to invest in something new.

Please understand this is new to you, but this my sweet spot and every client I have worked with have experienced major breakthroughs from this training alone.

I went an entire year without making a dime in my business until I mastered creating compelling content.

Time is of the essence!

It’s your turn, sis!

Your decision to be 1 of the 10 is the game-changer, prepare to experience unparalleled service! See you on the other side!

Payment Options


All of this for only $500.00! Will You be one of the 10?

7-Week Transformation!

After all the opt-ins and software if you still are not making money in your business, you don't want to miss an opportunity to work with a coach who is all in for your business.


From the packaging, pricing and sales she showed this established business owner up-leveled her business.


She generated $28,000.00 in sales in less than three months. She has remained to be profitable since learning the effective sales strategies taught by Auguste Crenshaw. 

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Not ready for the commitment, yet?

That's okay! Check out these lower-commitment products and programs that'll help you fast-forward your entrepreneurial journey

Need to Slow it Down Even More?

I love a confident woman! Your first move of confidence is whether or not you know we are a good fit! Even before that, you have to know yourself. Check me out and see if my coaching style works for you!

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