Let me show you how to fall in love with Selling!
Got Leads,
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You heard the experts and implemented their strategies.

Whether you attracted leads through ads or reach outs…




The numbers vary but the advice is the same:


For example, in one month:


Send 100 connection request daily on LinkedIn

*About 1500 will connect

Send them an invite to watch a free webinar

*About 150 will accept

Extend an invitation to connect on a call

*About 15  actually schedule

Approximately 2 will purchase your product


For some that may sound exhausting BUT...

If you have a high-ticket offer for $5k you just made $10,000.00 for the month


Even if you use another method to generate leads, that sounds good...



What if you could improve your conversion rate with at least a 20% increase(that isn’t a lot)?


You do realize 2 out of 15 calls is just above 10% (13.333 to be exact)

Shifting your conversion to 30% means signing 4 clients instead.


You just turned $10k into $20,000.00 month.

I am a beast at sales.

Every day I teach women how to fall in love with selling.


Yes, we are emotional beings.

We need to “feel” the person we plan to purchase from.

When something is “off” we don’t buy. The sales conversations feels good when:


  • We are 100% authentic

  • We don't use bullying tactics

  • We are not confined to scripts


We want to feel good during and after the call.

There is nothing worse than “hoping you close!”

I know sales has a bad rep. Most of us have been a victim of a sleazy salesman

so it can be difficult to visualize the process as:


  • Easy

  • Free flowing

  • With minimal to no objections


Not only do I teach women how to sell. I teach them to sell according to your:


  • Brand

  • Personality

  • Ideal Client


Yes, ma’am, I teach the specific language for your clients according to their desires and psychological triggers.

It is time to learn a process that is:


  • Specific to your business

  • Easy to duplicate

  • Transferrable to your sales team




Leads do not close themselves

High Ticket Purchases require a conversation.

I need you out of that stuffy professional box. Be “you” who happens to be professional.

(hope you caught that).


My gift to you is a Free Training


Discover how to prevent the #1 Killer of sales

Learn the first secret to understanding what to say and when to say it.

Business owner to business owner, time is of the essence.

In other words, neither one of us has time to waste.

Dedicate 30 minutes and walk away with implementable strategies right away.


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