Awethentic Sales Academy for Empaths & Introverts 

Women in business who need to establish an Energetic Connection on a sales call.

Men and women process information and communicate differently. So why in the world when we start our business do we entertain masculine strategies? I remember the first sales training I had as an online service provider; it was a script and it felt awful. I abandoned all I knew. I was new to using social media for business. The fear of not playing by the rules in the online arena caused me to compromise my values. Needless to say, my sales calls went horribly.


When my business was at its lowest point and I desperately needed to make some money, I remember sitting in meditation deeply desiring a sign. The answer came! I must be connected to those I do business with. I only needed to add the human element to my sales strategy that worked for over 20 years in my brick and mortar business.

As my business grew, I noticed the same dilemma kept coming up for most of my clients. Over and over I would hear, "I love what I do, but I hate selling." I have worked with Coaches and individuals in the health and wellness field and offline service providers.

All of these women have one thing in common, they were all empaths.

Women who are Empaths:

  • want to work with people who genuinely desire their products/service

  • care about the energy of the people they work with 

  • don't like to bully/scare/intimidate potential clients

  • are against any form of coercion

  • feel inauthentic when they use scripts

You have the opportunity to end this discomfort today.


You may not like selling, but as a mature woman in business, you know you have to embrace the art of selling.

You are tired of having a hit or miss outcome on your calls.

You acquire leads but have a difficult time converting more than 2 out of 10 calls.

You want to master getting payments in full.

You desire to increase your price point and need assistance cultivating your Signature Sales Process

You are a Coach, Consultant or Service Based Business Owner who needs an ENERGETIC APPROACH TO SALES

You are ready to get the sales insights on filling up your programs and services!



Prepare to be fully immersed in the sales process from mindset to the follow-up.

Each participant will receive a Kick-Start Intensive 1-1 Session

Weekly Training Weeks 

An additional 1-1 call within weeks 4-8 in the program

Weekly Training + Q&A Calls (they will be recorded for any scheduling conflicts)

Create an Awethentic Sales Conversion Template


MODULE ONE - Ideal Client to Cash

This is not your typical ideal client assignment. Get ready to explore the psychological and emotional spending triggers of your client. Discover how to develop the perfect marketing language to attract ideal clients who are energetically connected to your offers. 

MODULE TWO - Money Mindset

Explore your true value and relationships with money. We will eliminate blocks that stem from social or spiritual views and upbringing. Many empathetic entrepreneurs wrestle with abundance and true alignment with the divine's desire to impact on a large scale. We will review your price points and the base value + transformational value. In addition, create a money mantra to enhance your energy and affirm your sales goals.

MODULE THREE - Rapport (Awethentic Essence of Relationship Building)

This is the foundational component of the entire process. Learn how to discover the unique questions you should ask. When to speak and for how long. Learn how to incorporate vulnerability to fuel trust. This strategy allows you to be empowered based on a genuine, energetic connection. Learn how to engage each call from an empowered position. If you have to turn away a potential client "it is what it is". Only entertain making an offer with individuals who you feel connected to. 

MODULE FOUR - Questions & Expertise

Now you have connected but you need the data to know if an offer should even be made. What you ask determines how much information they will provide. This allows you to position yourself as an expert or operate with integrity if you feel their needs are out of the scope of what you do. Properly positioning this conversation creates a conversation where you can lead them to talk themselves out of the objections. 

MODULE FIVE - Objections & Awethentic Close

Let's dig deeper than the typical reasons: spouse approval, time and money. Learn the "real" reasons behind the Maybe. Convert this answer to a firm yes or no without the use of scare/bullying/intimidation tactics. Learn how to be non-invasive yet get the answers to sell a person beyond their fears. Help them over the hurdles that prevent them from moving forward. Learn the strategy to deal with their dilemmas

MODULE SIX - Follow-up + Awethentic Sales Conversion

It is all in how you reach out. Whether it's by phone, email, or messenger you must operate from a point of pure concern. You will have completed your Awethentic Sales Conversion template to create a foundational sales conversation so you do not forget to cover key elements on the call. 

Sales Simulation & Sales Blitz

We will close out by intensifying your sales connection call. While you will have been improving upon your sales strategy the entire time, at some point you will have completed the entire process. Now we must perfect the art of selling.


Finally, a methodology has been developed that lines up with your core beliefs. Marrying your value system and the sales process allows you to feel good on the sales call.  Awethentic Women must sell with INTEGRITY!

We are emotional beings. We need to “feel” the person we plan to purchase from.

When something is “off” we don’t buy. The sales conversations feel good when:


  • We are 100% authentic

  • We don't use bullying tactics

  • We are not confined to scripts


Not only do I teach women how to sell. I will teach you how to sell according to your:


  • Brand

  • Personality

  • Ideal Client



You have the ability to do just like my clients who:

  • made $28,000 in 7 weeks

  • sold their first $3K offer with no objections

  • quadruple your income in 30 days

  • gross $20,000.00 in four months

  • sell your first $7500.00 offer

  • sell $11,000.00 in services in one day

  • have consistent 5-figure months


All from following my Sales Strategy.

My sales strategy is easy to implement; it is also duplicatable!


You have the leads, now you need to learn how to convert them.


STILL NERVOUS! Don't worry, we will have a pitch-free conversation to make sure this is a good fit for you. 

Apply Below

Awethentic Sales Academy Your Investment

Early Bird Special $2,000 PIF (Value $7500)  until Dec. 9, 2019, or

Extended Payment Plans Available Upon Request

You can and will learn how to sell in a way that feels good.

  • Cultivate trust from the beginning

  • No more winging it and hoping they say yes

  • Completely eliminate all forms of scare tactics

  • End the feast and famine in your business

  • Confidently navigate the sale's conversation

  • Create a Signature System unique to your business model, personality and energy.


Converting your ideal clients on the sales call should be expected when you have effectively connected, identified their issue and know you have the product/service to resolve their issue. Go from information to implementation to manifest and create your desire income goals.


Thrive in Business When You Are Aligned

The Sales Mastermind kicks off December 16, 2019.

This is an intimate setting and ONLY 10 women will be accepted!


This isn't a come one, come all! Participants must be interviewed to make sure you are an energetic match for the community. 

Kick-off Dec. 16, 2019 - Feb 8, 2019
Early-Bird Pricing, now through Dec. 9, 2019
The AC Experience


What is the Awethentic Sales Academy?

The Awethentic Sales Academy is a virtual sales school to teach you a STRUCTURED yet FLEXIBLE sales strategy. You will learn how to cultivate your own Signature Sales Conversion Conversation for your business. Getting quality leads is only half the battle. High-Ticket products require your sales conversation to be solid in order to convert. 

You will learn a sales strategy that hinges on Awethenticity, Integrity and most importantly your Energy.

Additionally, the process teaches you how to sell based on your industry, brand, personality and ideal client preferences. You will learn how to increase your conversion rate without the use of trick, scare tactics or scripts.

Is this program right for me?

The Awethentic Sales Academy is right for you if:  

  • You KNOW your sales strategy needs to be strengthened because you set up strategy session/connection call with minimal conversion

  • You're an online coach, consultant, or service-based business owner who needs to be energetically aligned to the people you work with.

  • You want to stop winging and hoping they say yes on the call. 

  • You are one who naturally implements strategies instead of overloading your mind with information. 

  • Your services and programs are not filling up and you fail to increase your cash flow every single month.

What happens after I enroll in this program?  

1.) After you enroll, you will set up a 2-Hour Intensive this allows me to thoroughly understand your products/services, passion, and goals for your business.

2.) You'll be given instant access to the Awethentic Sales Academy Closed Group and begin the Foundational Training.

3.) You'll be given access to the members-only training vault. Here you can access all materials necessary to complete the coursework over the next 8 weeks. 

How will the training be delivered?

Training will be conducted via Zoom. Mini-lessons based on individual needs throughout the week will be "Live" streamed. All training calls are recorded and added to the training vault. You can access the recordings and training materials at any time.

How is this different from other programs out there?  

Due to the high need for connection, I will be actively involved. Part of the best way to teach energetic sales is direct involvement for you to EXPERIENCE the sales process. I also include sales simulations in the group so you can learn from your peers. My business hinges on the human element, expect my presence consistently in the group. I do not rely heavily on recorded training, ONLY. Your activity is necessary in the group to make sure you are in implementation, not information mode.  

It is my vow to raise the expectation for high-quality service for all participants. Due to the fact it is an application only setting, expect to be in a high-energy group where participants are able to grow and support one another. Increase your net worth by being connected to a powerful network! 

What's the investment?

Early Bird Enrollment is ONLY $1750 PIF or Two Payments of $1000.00 now through Dec. 9, 2019.

Regular Enrollment is ONLY $2500 PIF or Two Payments of $1500.00

Do I have to show up live for the program?

I highly recommend it, but it is not required. Everything will be recorded and questions for Q&A calls can be submitted. I will be actively involved in the group throughout the week. You will also have access to me via, email, and messenger. 

When will this program begin?

Official Training Begins on Dec. 16, 2019 - Feb. 8, 2019.

What is your refund or guarantee policy? 

I do not offer refunds. I am 1000% committed to supporting you throughout the entire program. I am actively involved in the program. This is not recording ONLY. If you commit and complete the work you will experience results beyond an increase in your sales. which are priceless,

I do not guarantee your results will mirror that of former clients. I do not guarantee results at any specific dollar amount or percentage. How much you earn is directly related to many variables outside the scope of my control such as brand awareness, lead generation, the reputation of your product results and more. The purpose of this product is not to perpetuate any affiliation to get-rich-quick schemes.

Will this strategy work for my industry?

The simple answer is, Yes! Here are the industries I have taught sales: T-Shirt Artists, Jewelry Designers, Marriage Coaches, Language Coaches, Massage Therapists, Event Planners, Luxury Brow Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Publishers, Business Coaches, MLM'ers, Parent Coaches.

All of these individuals have one thing in common, they are directly involved in the process and need the energetic connection to be high. 

If you have any further questions please fill out the applications to help me understand more about your business and we can set up some time to discuss whether or not this program is a good fit for you. 

Want to email me first? Reach me at

What do they say about the AC Experience?
Kami paint.png

Kami Anderson

CEO - Bilingual Brown Babies

Not only did Auguste help with me with the difficult conversations around sales, she dug deep and help me reflect on WHY I saw sales as difficult. I have more confidence in my abilities to "close the deal," something I never thought I would be able to do. Even if you think you have sales on lock, I promise you Auguste will take you farther!


Dikita Hopkins

CEO - Dikita Marie

Working with Auguste changed my life and business for the better. She kept me focused and on task. It's so nice to work with someone who holds you accountable and holds nothing back. I wanted to succeed even more because she wanted it for me just as much as I wanted it for myself. There's no faking she really is real, raw, and relentless! I am so blessed to have this woman in my life. This information is worth it's weight in gold and then some!

Amanda Hurley

CEO - Amanda Hurley Creative

You totally changed how I feel about sales. I don't feel pressured any more. Either we are or we are not a good fit.


LeNora Je'nene

CEO - Oh How Beautiful Spa

If you are having difficulty with sales or need to learn new strategies this is for you. Auguste takes the time and care to show you how to use her strategies as it relates to YOUR business. The attention she gives to each participant, the quality of her content and the passion for what she does is phenomenal.


Jennifer Woelfle

Xyngular Distributor

I highly recommend this sales class! I found myself struggling to open up and talk to clients, or stumbling over what to say. Auguste gets to the heart of your issues and gives that personal touch to make sure everyone gets exactly what they need. It was a fantastic experience and worth every penny! I have already found myself so much more at ease, and have gained many new customers since taking this course! Sign up today, you will love it!!

Tiffenny Montique

CEO - Abhati LLC

When Auguste teaches you how to close a sale, she goes all in. In practice 1-1 sales calls she will be whatever kind of client you need her to be.

Auguste Crenshaw

Master Sales Strategist

Auguste Crenshaw is a Master Sales Strategist who specializes in strategy, mindset, and sales. You can find her somewhere on social media giving a ton of value! She is the epitome of living and breathing unapologetically. Her secret weapon is Mindset. More importantly, she knows the power is in being "herself"! 


In a world when anyone can label themselves as an entrepreneur she knows the #1 Unique Identifying Factor is "YOU"! Transferring her knowledge, and strategies raises the confidence in women in business. See why her clients say, "Working with Auguste will make you feel like you can take over the world!" 


Sshe comes straight out the gate with value! 


Being connected to her means real strategies you can use right away! She is bright, vibrant, knowledgeable, a world changer, trendsetter, a sales beast, who wouldn't be shit without the tribe connected to her. She is raw, real and relentless! Your goals are her goals; she is your Success Champion. 

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