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Sales is that ugly word often coupled with sleazy! Not any more. One of the most awful feelings is to hope someone says yes to your offer and they don't. As a BOSS in business, you know exactly what you are doing when you deliver your service. The problem lies in capturing the client. Like you, many women experience trepidation when it comes to sales! Selling isn't about a magic formula or script. You tried that and it didn't feel right! In your mind, you wish there was a way you could just get people to say yes and not use scare tactics! GUESS WHAT? You can! Watch the quick video below to learn more about the course.


1. Money Mindset

2. Connecting (rapport)

3. Asking Powerful Questions

4. Inserting Your Expertise

5. Overcoming Objections

6. Seal the Deal

7. Follow-up process (pre-screening tips)


Over a dozen bonus videos have been included after much research. Participants in a group who asked for clarity in the training were provided with additional answers. You will also have access to that footage!


No one wants a sleazy script that everyone says. However, master closers  guide the flow of the sales conversation and it is different for each industry, personality and ideal client type. Create a script so you sales flow will be natural and organic!


This is a stand-alone course! No matter how thorough it is, I understand everyone has different learning styles. You are welcome to purchase a strategy session. Rates subject to change without notice, however, they will always be discounted. C

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