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The Brilliant Beautiful Black Queen Has Risen!
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The Black Woman's Kryptonite is Solitude!

When we get into these dark places we feel like no one understands us. Naw sis, we know exactly how you feel! And we even brought some brothers along too who resonate with your pain.

We have been raped, molested, abandoned, judged, embarrassed, taken for granted, used, manipulated, and ripped off! To make matters worse, most often abuse comes from those we love and who were supposed to protect us. 

We have shown up in life and made it look like everything was okay while secretly living a life of quiet resentment.

We have tried to hide the shame of our poor choices. We feared embarrassment because we:


  • have lost a home

  • had a car repossessed

  • received welfare

  • had multiple abortions

  • filed bankruptcy

  • have a criminal record

  • been homeless

  • been in abusive marriages

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many times
have you said Yes when you really wanted to
say NO!

We use to say Yes when we meant no!

We have medicated ourselves with caffeine, alcohol and addictive, unhealthy relationships.

We have tortured ourselves and served others even when facing illness.

We have squandered our funds through retail therapy.

We have laid with a man we knew didn't love us. 

We have been physically, mentally, financially, and or spiritually abused.

We even abandoned our plans to accommodate everyone else and our dreams almost died by the wayside.

Then one day we said Enough is Enough! Even if it meant:

  • Starting from the bottom

  • Burning a whole plan and beginning from scratch

  • Saying yes to help

  • Going back home to mama

  • Risking public humiliation

We said Fuck society and its rules that have deemed us too much, too loud, or too bold!

We murdered the Strong Black Woman! We burned that Bitch and like the Phoenix, we rose as

Brilliant Beautiful Black Queens!


We realized we are worthy of abundance. Now it is your turn. Your inability to change and walk in your worth is rooted in trauma! The trauma society told you to get over! Your mama and grandma told you because society told them! Are you ready to be free from the strongholds that keep you from experiencing Abundance in every area of life?

Join the Amazing women of the Awethentic Collective and allow us to help you become whole and complete in your Mind, Body, Business, Spirit, Health, and Finances!

Where: Online (you can view from anywhere) 

When: August 5 - 8, 2020

What: (else do you get) - access to a Live Panel Discussion on Aug. 8, 2020, with all speakers,

Special workbook to accompany each segment, the recordings

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10% of all profits go to My Sister's Keepers of Atlanta
Dark Hair Beauty


You can no longer be silent on the issues! It is time to say it like it is!

Stressed Woman


Your past no longer condemns or defines you it




You are not angry, and if you are, so what! Use it for fuel. NO longer helpless, relentlessly pursue your goals.



Finding peace within that surpasses all understanding1

Speakers - Black Brilliance at its finest!
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Special Topics Included in the Summit
  1. Lynn Meyer - Good Enough to Help Everyone Except Me

  2. Keekee Cornelious – Abuse In the Coaching Industry

  3. Anntricia Bray Smith - Overcoming Sexual Abuse

  4. Irma Abraham – Letting Go of People You Love

  5. Imani Aieshah – Am I Enough - Sexuality, Standards & Acceptance as a Young Muslim Woman

  6. Frederick E Geiger - Family Won't Always Have Your Back

  7. Ka’Deidra Freeland – Dysfunctional Financial Relationships

  8. Dawn Peek – Dealing With the Return of Triggers

  9. Stevie Michaels – Repeat Abusive Marriages

  10. Wyjuana Montgomery – Reach Forward Without Fear After Abuse

  11. Auguste Crenshaw – Pain From Those Who Abuse Their Power

  12. Tammie Polk – When the Death of Someone Helps You Live

  13. “Queen Kimmie” – The Black Sheep In the Family, Religion Rebel

  14. Dr. Kami J. Anderson - Financially & Emotionally Abusive Spouse

  15. Joshua M. Peltier – Men Can Be Abused Too

  16. Frederick E Geiger  - My Body My Responsibility

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Summit Originator -Auguste Crenshaw
Business/Sales Coach
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