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Awethentic Collective Summit to Sisterhood - Free Online Event

Ain’t nothing like a Bold Ambitious Black Woman Walking in Purpose!

When you see her fearless nature, you become more courageous! When you hear her speak unapologetically you give a couple of Amens! It reminds you to be

  • Bolder

  • Stronger &

  • Let the world know who you are!

But the inner voice hits from your critics

1.      You are inspiring but sometimes you come off a little too strong.

2.      You know it isn’t always about you or race, sometimes you need to learn how to play the game a.k.a play the background.

3.     You know we have to be smarter, faster and work harder.

4.    You’re a really intelligent woman but sometimes you sound ghetto or uneducated; you need to be more professional.

5.     You know the black woman is the foundation of the home. Take care of everyone else first, just hold out a little while longer.

But deep inside you want to scream! You look at society every day and you know it needs a bolder voice ready to face the real issues head on.


It needs the Awethentic Version of YOU!

You are the #1

Yes, beautiful; you are the #1 Unique Identifying Factor and the world needs you now more than ever.

But you find yourself:

  • Making sure you speak up but don’t offend

  • Passing the spotlight to prove your humility

  • Trying hard to make everything perfect and you end up never moving on some of your greatest ideas

  • Saying after this _____ then I will______.

Listen, Beautiful, you are a Brilliant Business Owner and the only thing impeding your progress is you. I know it is challenging when you are community-driven and business savvy. Your Business Model is Educational and Confrontational to the status quo. You are ready to stop censoring your message and say it like it is. It is time to break the mindset blocks that have shackled you.

  • Momma hurt you with those words, even though she didn’t mean to.

  • Aunties jealousy made you learn to live and shrink.

  • Abusive relationships have you calculating and cautious but not executing.

  • Finances make you feel trapped.

  • Society is bias, and you face the truth that same opportunities are not available to you.

What you need is Sisterhood. You need access to a platform for us and by us.

Are you ready to Level UP beyond all the social, religious, and societal programming?  

Don’t Miss the Awethentic Collective Summit to Sisterhood. Our race has always thrived where there is a sense of community.

Right here, right now at this moment, you are MORE than enough!

The Industry Leaders in this summit look, talk, think and are concerned about the same issues as you. We are here to show you how we have built our business, families, and community. PURCHASE REPLAYS BELOW!

You  are the #1 Unique Identifying Factor!
10% of all profits go to My Sister's Keepers of Atlanta


You can no longer be silent on the issues! It is time to say it like it is!


Your past no longer condemns or defines you it



You are not angry, and if you are, so what! Use it for fuel. NO longer helpless, relentlessly pursue your goals.


Finding peace within that surpasses all understanding1

Speakers - Black Brilliance at its finest!
Special Topics Included in the Summit
  1. Stacie Walker – I am not Worthy of Anything Good

  2. Lynn Meyer - Good Enough to Help Everyone Except Me

  3. Keekee Cornelious – Losing Those You Love the Most

  4. Paris White-Tyrell - Study Yourself, You’ve Always Been Different

  5. Lakeisha Hankins – Incorporate Lifestyle & Sacrifice Simultaneously

  6. Imani Aieshah – My Business Baby vs. My Baby

  7. Eyona Mitchell – Power and Permission to Pivot

  8. Latoya Fraizer – Fear of Shame & Embarrassment Can Exist In a Successful Woman

  9. Charmaine Fuller – Control Freak Out of Control

  10. Dawn Peek – You Can Beat Me, But You Can’t Break Me

  11. Cena Martin – Sis, Back Up I Don’t Trust You

  12. Fitima Miller – Built to Last – Weathering the Storms

  13. Amber Hill – Overcoming an Identity Crisis & Low Self-Esteem

  14. Tammie Polk – To Blind to See

  15. Kami Anderson – No More Situational Boldness

  16. Imani Aieshah  - Will I Lose My Mind or My Husband

  17. Anitra Lane – PTSD – Civilian Life After Military Trauma

  18. Auguste Crenshaw – Grown WomanWith Little Girl Issues

  19. Terri Evans – Murphy’s Law – Everything That Could, Went Wrong

  20. Rynette Upson-Bush – When Parts of the Vision Dissolve & Others Expand

  21. Enjunaya Canton – Protect You’re A$$et$

  22. Tiffenny Montique – Overcoming Anxiety, Depression & Sexual Trauma

Summit Originator -Auguste Crenshaw
Business/Sales Coach