Package Price & Profit Mastermind


Last year, six amazing women said yes to their vision for their business — no more feast and famine. No more hoping it works out. These women wouldn't take No for an answer and neither should you. There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. I know what you want. You want your vision to unfold and your income to explode.


I only work with the best, and I know you have what it takes to Take Over 2019!


Package Price and Profit Mastermind is back, and we kick off May 5, 2019. I am ready to work with 10 women in business who want the simplest, tailor-made solution to move their business forward.


This isn't a come one, come all. Only 10 women will be allowed into the program.


You don't want to miss this if...
Explode your Income in 2019!

You want to attract more paying clients

It is no fun to hear people keep telling you they love you and you have impacted their lives but they resist spending with you.


You are ready to learn how to market yourself

Posting like crazy on as many social media platforms isn't working.

It is time to stop posting for the hell of it with no income to follow behind it.


You gotta do it now because going back to Corporate is NOT an option.

For some, this opportunity will give you the jump start you need to get you off that job if you haven't left.


You know it is time for your breakthrough.

You are ready to do what it takes to grow and expand your brand and your bank account.


You have avoided "Live" Video

You know it provides the quickest route to cash flow. It's about understanding how to go live and what to say to generate leads.

You need to learn to cause people to connect and cash out.


You are ready to start commanding the prices you deserve.

No more low-balling yourself to beat the competition. (Major NO NO) People are ready to pay you what you ask for NOW!


Time is of the Essence

You need to see a change in your business

in the next 90 days!​

Over 14 Weeks ...
Target and Connect with your Ideal Client


You will never resonate with anyone if you try to connect to everyone. Learn how to hone your message, so it resonates with your ideal customers, but it also repels the people you are not intended to work with.


Create offers at your desired Price Point


When you create the perfect product and package it right, it is easy to sell. The client needs to see its value, and you need to be confident presenting your offer. Not knowing what to charge hinders business owners from making an offer. Learn how to make sure you get compensated for your time and the transformation you provide. 


Learn a sales strategy you can duplicate.

Show prospective customers that your offer is the right choice by speaking to their pain points and the benefits your solution offers. Learn an "awe"thentic (TM) sales strategy that doesn't involve scripts or bullying.


Participants Receive

Get a 3-Hour Intensive

Immediate Support for those who sign up early!

14 weeks of High-Touch, Real-Time Coaching (no automation)

Live/Email/Messenger Support

Live Training 


Mock Sales Calls

Additional 1-1 Call 6 weeks into the program.


Thrive in Business When You Have The Perfect Formula
  1. Mindset

  2. Client Attraction

  3. Perfect Package at the right Price

  4. Stellar Sales Process you can execute without feeling "salesy"!






Kick off May 5, 2019, Early Bird Pricing, now through March 31st.
Lock in last year's rate.
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