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Ladies - Everyone keeps telling me to go "Live", but I am afraid.
Me - That's why you should take this challenge!
  1. Will I sound right?

  2. I don't want to be repetitive!

  3. The technical part is intimidating!

  4. You don't want to talk to yourself!

  5. How do you keep creating content?

  6. How do you get people to go from viewing to purchasing?

  7. How do I look?

  8. How do I stop the um's and ah's

  9. I don't want to lose my train of thought.

  10. I need notes and that will make me look stupid!

How This Challenge Will Change Your Business

  • Attract Your Clients

  • Rapidly accelerate the KNOW, LIKE & TRUST Factor

  • Increase Your Credibility

  • Create content with purchasing triggers

  • Master your confidence to go LIVE

  • Clients will Crave your expertise

  • Shorter buying cycle

  • Shorter sales conversation

  • Convert the viewers to buyers!

Access to Recorded Trainings

DAY ONE: Let's get the technical details out of the way. Overview of standard questions (i.e. length of videos, camera, lighting, etc.)

DAY TWO: Connecting your purpose to your listeners. Create content they will crave. Getting clear on your purpose. What you want to accomplish will determine how you structure your videos. As we explore your business or future ideas, we can devise a system to develop topics. 

DAY THREE: The art of engagement! Learn how to create raving fans who can't wait to see your video. Learn how to have an active audience when you are "Live".

DAY FOUR: Practicing a Call to Action - Telling people what you want them to do.

Learn how to get past the awkwardness of asking for a sale or for people to go to your website, or WHATEVER you want them to do.

DAY FIVE: GO LIVE!!! YAAAAASSSSSS! The ULTIMATE! Yes, you read correctly. GO. LIVE. We will meet one more time before you do this.

DAYS 1-4 Get Access to the Live Recorded Q&A videos that were hosted via zoom with the attendees!


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