Destination Abundance - "I will have it all!"
Peace & Profits, Mindset & Money, Sisterhood and Security!

Atlanta, GA Sept 25 - 27, 2020


Hey beautiful,

The time is now! Join Auguste Crenshaw and Special Guest Speakers in Atlanta for a

3-Day Business Mindset, Strategy & Sales Experience!

Building a business isn't always easy, but it is always worth it!


Calling all women in business who are ready to experience:

  • A Radical Mindset Transformation

  • Gain Strategies to Create a More Profitable Business

  • Cultivate a "Sisterhood Sircle" for Business Growth

  • Curate Unshakeable Confidence

I am excited to launch the 1st Awethentic Collective Annual Live Event. Get ready for an intimate

3-day Live Interactive Coaching Experience

Business requires an unshakeable mindset, radical confidence, and the

AWETHENTIC version of you!


AWETHENTICITY is all about leaving people in "Awe" of you! We live in a world where any and everybody can label themselves as entrepreneurs...

"You are the #1 unique identifying factor!"

Business Mastery Requires

Mindset * Strategy * Skillset * Relationships

Get ready to receive it all!

Reprogram Your Mind

Reignite Your Confidence

Recover the Original intent of Your Business

Execute Effective Business Strategies

Cultivate Meaningful, Profitable Relationships

We are Created to be EXtraOrdinary & Convert Others

This weekend is all about getting the guidance and strategies you need specifically for your business growth.

This Event is for theWoman who:
  • knows her business is her life's mission

  • is tired of people trying to make her vision what they want it to be

  • is ready to create consistent profits

  • wants abundance in life, business, body, & spirit

  • is ready to show up as her "Awethentic" self

  • wants an increase in income without abandoning the people and things she values the most

  • wants more meaningful business relationships

  • is ready to build her dream without compromising her vision

  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST - finds herself dealing with a unique set of issues, as a sister, and wants coaching tailored to your race, soul, and values

Beautiful you don't want to miss this if you:
  • desire to transform and build a stronger mindset

  • want to take the guesswork out of running your business

  • are tired of trying to balance out your business and personal life

  • want to get paid what you are worth without question

  • desire an executable plan that can transform your income in 90 days or less

  • don't cower away from "real" work that creates "real" change to MANIFEST YOUR "REAL" DESIRES

  • are an Ambitious Woman in Business but need direction

  • Need a Specific Plan, Personalized Strategy, & Sales Skillset

  • desire a Sisterhood Sircle of other Ambitious women who move and think like you

Have you already:
  • worked on your mindset, but know it needs to be stronger

  • tried courses that didn't line up completely with your values

  • begun showing up online and at events but still feel stuck

  • invested in coaching, but it lacked guidance specific to your industry, personality & brand

  • get clients but it is inconsistent 

  • attempted to adopt daily habits

  • come to the realization you aren't built to do anything else


  • You still have to push to get past some limiting beliefs.

  • You still wonder when your time of exponential increase is gonna finally come.

  • You know there are some things you don't do well in business like sales, time management, relationships and staying connected spiritually consistently.

  • Even if you are a decent business owner you know you can do better you just need the missing piece and the knowledge of how to put it all together.

  • You are not satisfied with the financial status or size of your business

You are ready! The time is now!

The time is now for abundance in all areas of life!

You are ready to run a business that makes enough to create the lifestyle you truly desire.

You've had excellent starts but sometimes fall off track and are ready to learn how to stay in a steady aligned state no matter what life throws at you.

Event Details

Event: Destination Abundance - "I will have it all!"

Extraordinary Experience for Ambitious Women in Business

Dates: Sept 25 - 27, 2020 (optional VIP Mastermind limit 10 women)
FREE Bonus meeting Sept. 24, 2020

Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Venue: Atlanta Airport Marriott 4711 Best Rd, Atlanta, GA 30337


Friday, Sept. 25th  to Sunday, Sept. 27th, 2020


Friday 8 am - 6 pm

Registration, Training/Workshops

Welcome Party & Networking 7 pm - 10 pm


Saturday 8 am - 6 pm

Surprise Component, Training/Workshops

Special Dinner 7 pm - 10 pm


Sunday 9 am - 1 pm

Surprise Component, Training/Workshops

2:30 - 6:30

VIP Mastermind w/Lunch

Travel Plans

Ladies you are highly encouraged to arrive the day before to rest and get situated the night before. There is a special meet and greet session for those who arrive on Thursday, September 24, 2020. Registration begins promptly on Friday from 8 am - 9 am. Of course, those early arrivals may register on the day prior. The event will begin on time. Please hear me beautiful, this is not a PITCH FEST! This is a LIVE INTERACTIVE COACHING EXPERIENCE!  You will be receiving training and live feedback for your specific business needs. Don't forget your favorite devices such as laptops and iPads, we will be using them in real-time!

Dress Code

Cute comfortable and cozy! Business attire is not required but when you look good, you feel good and you perform better. Remember hotels have a tendency to be cool so don't forget a sweater or shawl. Some meals are covered. Breaks have been incorporated for meals, networking and stretching.

Meet the Guest Speakers!


Marriage Coach

Imani Aieshah is a Wife, Mama, Marriage Coach, and author of What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Marriage.  Communication is her jam! She is passionately committed to helping married folks become master communicators in their relationship so they can get true partnership amid exhaustion, crazy schedules, and demanding to-do lists!  Her signature online experiences give couples both the techniques and confidence to tackle the inevitable tough times and truly create the solid, long-lasting marriage they want.  


The Purpose Pusher

Rynette Upson aka The Purpose Pusher is a power house speaker. She is the founder and CEO of Next Level Lifestyles International, Next Level Chicks Collaborate, Next Level Success Academy and Next Level Lifestyles Travel. Her passion and adoration for helping people has moved her to chase her life’s calling to educate, empower and enlighten people particularly women on how to see more wealth, success, and happiness in life. Rynette has helped thousands of youth and women find their purpose and calling through her gifts of speaking, motivation and empowerment.

What's Included with your Ticket Purchase

General admission includes all three days and the bonus day on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020.

2 Meals at Dinner time.

VIP admission includes Dinner on all three days. Some light snacks will be provided.

What is Not Included with your Ticket Purchase

Attendees are responsible for their own airfare and the cost of the hotel. Some meals are covered otherwise, you are also responsible for your meals.  We have locked in a special rate for those who reserve their rooms early. You are subject to the hotel's taxes, cancellation policy, etc. All meals are not included. The specific meals have been expressed on the site and in the itinerary. 

But wait there is more! Register now for these bonuses!

Register now and get these added bonuses:

Private Pre Conference Group Intensive, Thursday, September 24, 2020 

Strategy & Check-in session 1 month after the event. (must be used between Oct. 28 - Nov 28, 2020)

Destination Abundance here I come! I will have it all!

Payment Options

Lock in your slot for as little as $100/month if you register by Feb 14, 2020!

General Admission

Get ready for 3 Days of Live Interactive Coaching & Fun

Your purchase includes:

Private Pre Conference Group Intensive

2 - meals

1 ticket to the Networking Party

Attendance to all scheduled trainings workshops and seminars

1 ticket to a special Dinner with the host and guest speakers


Get ready for 3 Days of Live Interactive Coaching & Fun

Your purchase includes:

Private Pre Conference Group Intensive

3 - meals

1 ticket to the Networking Party

Attendance to all scheduled trainings workshops and seminars

1 ticket to a special Dinner with the host and guest speakers

1-ticket for a


 1-1 Session after the event

(in addition to the 1 already offered)

only 10 slots available!

FAQ's and Policies

REFUND POLICY: Your retreat ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE, but fully transferable to another person if you can no longer attend.

PAYMENT POLICY: Attendees' balance must be paid in full, by the due date, August 14, 2020, in order to attend the event. Defaulted payments may result in loss of your slot an no refund will be given. Payments must be on time. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The utmost integrity has been made to accurately represent this training and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings are exceptional results and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on unique variables such as their background, professional ability, and individual effort. As with any business venture, there are inherent risks and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money with the methods taught in this training. The activities, templates, worksheets and any other materials provided are for educational purposes only and should not be misconstrued as legal or financial advice.

Q: What is the refund policy? 

A: Your retreat ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE, but fully transferable to another person if you can no longer attend. Please send an email to to make the necessary arrangements.

Q: Is there a discounted rate for the host hotel?

A: Yes! Early registrants will receive an email to set up the arrangements. Those who make timely reservations, the discounted rate is only $105.00/night.

Q: Are meals included in the price of the General Admission Ticket?

A: Yes, some of the meals are included, please refer to the itinerary. (2 for general admission and 3 for VIP)

Q: Is this event open to non-Black women?

A: Yes! Although Auguste Crenshaw's audience is primarily women of color. The event will express heavy emphasis on issues specific to African American women. To ensure there is no discomfort it is best to set up a time to speak with the host prior to deciding to register. Business strategy is universal, however, we will not take a universal approach to our teaching. Our methods are communal and culturally based. We do not discriminate against any race. You are welcome to join us, provided you are ready to fully embrace our culture and methodology!

Q: How do I get to the hotel from the airport?

A: Further detail will be provided. Standard shuttles, Uber & Lyft Options are available. 

Q: Who should I email if I have more questions?

A: You can email us at and my team will be happy to assist you!

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