Why a Challenge is a Money Making Tool for your Business!

Challenges are meant to be a lucrative tool where you create raving fans who realize the issue can be resolved with your expert process!

Primary Problem
  • You gave too much and now they don't need your help.

  • You need to know the least you can give and still provide a significant transformation.

  • You don't know how to make an offer at the end

  • How do you keep people actively engaged

You will make money if you do it right!
This Course Will Teach You:
  • The formula for each day

  • How to get people to open up

  • How to do reach outs and presales

  • How to identify freebie seekers vs. buyers

  • Time frames

  • How to tap into emotional triggers

  • How to collect relevant data for current and future sales

  • Offer strategy

Create Raving Fans Who Become Loyal

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