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Make sure to listen till the end for a limited-time offer!

By setting this appointment, you agree to the terms of services as stated on this site.

Make sure to do and/or be aware of all the following:

1. Arrive on time; early is better.

2. 10-minute grace period, or you forfeit the call.

3. Late arrivals will have time deducted from the session.

4. Be in a distraction-free environment.

5. Have a pen and paper.

6. Remember this call is non-refundable.

7. Remember this call is non-transferable. 

8. Complete the application.

9. You can only reschedule once.

10. You must reschedule at least 24 hours in advance.

11. 1 1/2 hours have been allotted, but the session is only 1 hour. The extra 30 minutes are for individuals who would like to discuss working with me. It is not required. 

12. Don't rely on technology; make sure the appointment is on your calendar.

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