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Sisters, It Is time to make them see you in 2020!
You have done the work! You know who you are and who you serve! People have achieved great results by using your process! But you still have one issue...
You need more clients!
You need the right eyes on you! 
Knowing how to defy the algorithm to attract your ideal clients is key! Some of you need to uplevel your strategies as well!
We are here to make sure your next move is your best move!
  1. You heard live video is a game-changer but you don't feel comfortable with impromptu videos!

  2. Do you really need a book to be an authority or is it just a waste of time!

  3. Speaking engagements sound good but you don't like selling from the stage and the idea of paying instead of getting paid makes you cringe.

  4. The introvert in you would love to have killer copy and an ad strategy so you can make money in peace, but you still have to be active in your business.

  5. Should you start a podcast or be featured?

  6. Is launching a summit the easiest way to quickly build your list?

  7. Must you follow every new social media trend?

What if I told you all of these answers are right but they could be wrong for you. Get ready to listen and learn about the most effective ways to increase your visibility in 2020. 


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Replays for only $57 

Full Access includes all the summit interviews, workbook & 1 Free ticket to the Live Online Panel Discussion!

Videos begin airing on April 29 - May 1, 2020. On May 2, 2020, you can join us Live via zoom and connect with all the speakers for Q&A!

There is no one size fits all for business! And hold up sis, we got you for your life too!  Deciding to be a boss, while also being a wife and a mom is a lot! We won't talk about how this looks if you are also working a job and your business is a side-hustle!

Entrepreneurship has a lot of moving parts. Figuring out your purpose is the easiest part! It is your calling, but how do you get raving fans and stop wishing folks would support you??? What is the best outlet to reach them: social media, podcast, hosting events... ???


Do you really need it all? You didn't know the cost would add up so quickly. How do you get the quickest return on your investment and how do you manage your money?


What about making your money work for you? Budgets, investing, etc. hell everything you know about money came from the school of hardknocks! 


Entrepreneurship will test your faith. It is hard to stay grounded, positive, present, and focused.

It is hard enough keeping your personal life in tack, let alone your spirit! How do you meditate, eat right, and build the business when the business is taking everything you got?


It's a lot to juggle the kids, dinner, laundry, leads, and sales.  Plus hubby isn't as supportive as you thought or the way you "need" him to be. Maybe hubby is perfect but you have a guilty conscious because building the business is costing you time with the ones you love!

Get Ready for Unparalleled Support 

Support begins as soon as you register! We know the list building strategies, and just like you... WE ARE SICK OF IT! Each speaker in this summit is passionate about your success because we have been through it! Time is precious and we can't get it back. We vow to honor it in the spirit of excellence!  We are here to serve you! After you register, sign up for the AWETHENTIC COLLECTIVE GROUP not only will the interviews be played there, we are beginning the conversations now!

Replays for only $57.00 
Summit Segment - times will be emailed.
Dates: April 29th - May 2nd
Get your ticket early! You don't want to miss this!
Here are your industry leaders ready to help you balance the personal, professional and spiritual aspects of running a business!
2020 Website Speaker Auguste
Auguste Crenshaw, Business & Sales Success Coach
Ideal Clients & Lead Generation

No leads no money! (but you have tried) You followed the formula, created the optin and put the link out there but leads are not coming in as fast as you need.

Let's explore the holes in your process and help you get your secret sauce to generate more leads. 

2020 Website Margo Howlett.png
Margo Lovett, Podcast Creator /Host & Consultant
Fighting For Your Voice Today & Tomorrow!

Is your voice a primary place of power? Do you find people hanging onto your words? Have you wrestled with the idea of starting a podcast?

Well, whether you want to start one or be featured learn some dos and don'ts in the podcasting world. Let's explore how to get your voice out internationally, regardless of which path you choose. 

2020 Website Speaker Imani Aieshah.png
Imani Aieshah - The Marriage Coach
Courageous Cash Conversations

Is there really a competition in your marriage or did you create one? What and who is the priority in your home. If you look at your situation strictly based on where the money is going that can create a really toxic environment. 

How do you broach the tough convos around cash and your business, especially if your business isn't generating the revenue you desire? Time to woosah sis!

2020 Website Anitra Lane (1).png
Anitra Lane - Virtual Manager
No More Social Media Suicide

Before you know it, all of your attention can be on social media and you still accomplish little to nothing in your business. Where should you be, what software should you invest in. Should you invest in software or a strategist.

New business owners need to be very particular about the money you spend and Anitra will talk to you about getting started for less

2020 Website Bridgett McBride.png
Bridgett McBride - Financial Strategist
Raise your responsibility and expectation for your money!

Have you been creating financial goals like the daughter of a sharecropper or a Queen? You may not have been blessed to learn about money as a child but technology has changed the game and investing has never been easier.

Do you want to build your business and your wealth? Tune in!

2020 Website Dotrell McNeal.png
Dotrell McNeal - Certified Life/Confidence Coach
Confidently Me

Confidence counts and it can't be counterfeit! When your mouth isn't aligned with your mindset you can't walk outside of your comfort zone. Get that extra boost to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Get ready for a candid conversation where we explore some of the simplest issues that will block your visibility and slow down the growth of your business!

2020 Website Speaker LaToya Frazier.png
LaToya Frazier - Project Manager & Digital Marketing Consultant
Program Launch Playbook

Don't let the big boys have you playing their game! A successful launch strategy is more about time and leverage than money! When you take the time to ensure your product launches are strategic and calculated you can create predictable income!

2020 Website Rynette Upson Bush.png
Rynette Upson Bush - The Purpose Pusher
Speaker Ready Sister

One of the scariest things we can do is become a speaker. So many women jump in and start speaking everywhere for free with no understanding of how the industry works.

Get advice on techniques and learn key characteristics to get booked and stay booked. Learn how to capitalize on each speaking opportunity!

2020 Website Lakeisha Hankins.png
Lakeisha Hankins - Leadership Development Strategist
Business or Busy Work - Productivity Produces Profits

We know poor time management will kill your productivity in business. Yes we get into that and techniques, but we also explore how it affects your cash flow, collaboration and more!

We want to be been seen, but you must also acknowledge behind the scenes matters just as much as the limelight.

2020 Website Stevie Michaels.png
Stevie Michaels - Creative Pioneer
Design on the Dime Event Strategy

It doesn't have to cost a ton of money to create a gorgeous and great event. Stevie has decades of experience in live event planning from kids to elderly birthday parties. She has done events in the corporate arena and for entrepreneurs.

Come learn some of the things that can make or break your event.

2020 Website Tish Davis.png
Tish Davis - Cheif Fun Officer
Make Events for Moms and Increase Profits

You did everything right. You have locked in your tribe. They want a live event. No more of this online stuff. Your price point is perfect but sales are moving slow. Learn how this one event strategy can have mommas purchasing tickets faster than you can put out the link.

2020 Website Regina  Byrd.png
Regina Byrd "The Finance Mom"
Getting Your Children Onboard w/ Your Financial Agenda

Learning how to be a better steward of your money is one thing but getting the children to understand is another question.

Learn how simplifying finances for kids can eliminate a major thorn in your side. As mommas, we want to give our children the best, but once we invest in our business, money can get complicated. Many of us exhausted our resources and have to be even better stewards to rebound. Learn how to get your children on board!

2020 Website Aleechea Pitts.png
Aleechea Pitts - Pastor Pitts
From Your Head & Heart to Finally on Paper

That book you said you were gonna write for God knows how long, needs to be put on paper. But you don't want to be like most of the people and write a book and get crickets. 

Selling a book looks difficult and definitely not profitable, so why write it beyond getting your voice out to the world. Time to learn the foundations of a marketable story whether it is your life, fiction, or expertise. 

2020 Website Speaker Charmaine
Charmaine Fuller - 
Manage Your Energy Before You Manage Your Time

What do you do when the tech side of time management doesn't work for you? It isn't that you don't see the vision. It isn't that you can't get a handle on what to do. 

Explore Charmaine's strategy of managing your time based on energetic triggers. It will change your mind and your life. 

2020 Website Speaker Auguste
Auguste Crenshaw - Business & Sales Success Coach
The Art of Selling Without Selling - Command Top Dollar

You are already convicted. You have seen the post, "you ain't making any money because you aren't selling"! It hasn't made you feel any better. In your mind sales is for sleazy folk. People who want your product or service should just pay for it


Time to learn what it truly means to sell and how to do it with integrity.

You can make a ton of money and feel good while doing it.

2020 Website Speaker Tiffenny Montique.p
Tiffenny Montique - Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritually Aligned Business

WARNING!!! This segment may be too intense if you are just doing "it" for the money! For all of my Queens who feel the "calling" to pursue your entrepreneurial endeavor, there are vices that will continue to pop up right before you excel, every time. 

Learn how to stay in the game and maintain your sanity when all hell breaks loose!

2020 Website Lani Valentine.png
Lani Valentine - Transformational Certified Life Coach
Transforming How Sisters Parent

Relax mama! Your kids are not defiant, lazy, needy, or withdrawn! They are them and you don't have to be a stereotypical, disconnected mama so you can focus on building your business.  And guess what those characteristics you see in your children you are seeing them in the adults you work with. Let's talk about personality types with a sister, and not just some textbook philosophy!

2020 Website Erika T. Neal.png
Erika T. Neal- CEO & Creationista of DesignDiva Studios
All Things Websites

It isn't enough for it to be cute or functional. There is more to it than driving traffic. Investing in a website is a big deal but you don't want to invest prematurely. Listen to the woman who has been doing it for over 20 years.

Yes! She can build it from scratch
USING CODE ONLY! From the old school to the new she has you covered. Come learn how to pop on paper and shine online!

2020 Website Tammie Polk.png
Tammie T. Polk, Professionally Sassy Business Woman
Budget Friendly Publishing Doesn't Mean Cheap

Time for the author of over 60 books in less than 5 years to tell you how it really goes down in the publishing world. Before you bust your budget and spend unnecessary money find out how this woman has done it all via Amazon and still ended up in Barnes and Noble and now she has her own book store!

2020 Website Speaker Auguste
Auguste Crenshaw - Business & Sales Success Coach
Summit Success Strategies

Are you ready for radical exponential email list growth? Tune in for summit success secrets! When done correctly you can build your list and create a steady stream of income that lasts up to two years after each launch.

Build a solid list and magnify your exposure, while creating contagious relationships with key collaborators!

2020 Website Ka'Deidra Freeland.png
Ka’Deirda Freeland
Protect Your Assets

Our hope is to live a long full life. The reality is some of us will leave this earth sooner than others. Second, we may live long but lose some vitality. Perhaps a shift in life's circumstances may change it all. Most entrepreneurs are a one-man show or have fewer than 5 employees/independent contractors. During your down season, your income doesn't have to drastically decrease too. Time to discuss what it means to protect your assets and your family from unforeseen circumstances.

2020 Website Speaker Kami Anderson.png
Dr. Kami Anderson - The Linguistic Mama Diva
Creating a Global Business

Whether you claim it or not, being online means you have a globally visible business. The bigger question is how do you capitalize on it in a way that is sensitive to the culture. Some of you are missing money because you only focus on local dollars.

In America, we are being replaced by bilinguals in the workforce and soon that will trickle into your business. Don't believe me, tune in!

Replay for only $27 thru May 4, 2020
Meet the Organizer - Auguste Crenshaw

Auguste Crenshaw is a Business/Sales Strategy Coach who has served women to build profitable, sustainable businesses. She understands the many moving parts of entrepreneurship. She created the summit after overcoming the obstacles of developing her online business. After many poor investments, attending various workshops and summits that were ultimately pitch-fest she decided to develop a summit that would serve the needs of women. As a believer in the true essence of collaboration, she called on other top leaders dedicated to making a difference in the world. Each participant was vetted based on their knowledge but more importantly their desire to serve. Welcome to an online event that has been structured to give you the tools you need to become the powerhouse you are!


Join us as we walk you through the many phases we deal with as women in business. From branding, podcasting, running your own summit, homelife, marketing, and children, launch strategies and health and spirituality.


With Love,


Auguste Crenshaw

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