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Fix My Business Group Coaching w/ 1-1 Hybrid
a.k.a. - M.O.V.E Mastermind

Business Building Strategies that cater to Brilliant Black Women!

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Building a Business comes with unique challenges for black women.

So why in the world do we entertain programs where we feel like the odd one in the bunch! For me, it was because I didn’t see someone who looked liked me and I had to do something.


I remember the first Mastermind I invested in. They kept telling me to slow down. They didn’t comprehend my innate ability to rapidly produce when in my zone of genius. They never sought to understand and discover my dire need to create a return on my investment because I needed to feed my family. Yet, they gladly took my money and even though I did everything they told me. I was left broke and confused.


At my lowest, I had no choice but to go within and seek divine guidance. When I got back to my personal truths I began to excel. I needed to build a business rooted in community and Awethenticity. They were teaching about money, money, more money and creating what they thought would sell. Yet they lured me manipulating words like heart-centered entrepreneur and sisterhood.


Not once did they attempt to understand the Divine call on my life. Surely what God put in me would manifest as a profitable and sustainable business.


I released it all and stepped into the Awethentic Bold Brilliant Black Woman God custom designed me to be.


Soon other women would come and while I taught effective business strategies, I helped more Queens step into their Identity.

What is the Black Woman's Struggle?

  • We don't truly believe we will be successful because only a select few "make it"

  • We refuse to do what it takes to make it for fear it means compromising our values

  • We can't find leaders who believe in building profitable community-based businesses

  • We have hidden pain while fulfilling the defeating prophecy of the Strong Black Woman

  • We stifle our creative to "be the part"

  • We fear the labels of being too bold, too loud, too much periodt

  • We strive to be intellectual and professional 

Instead of fitting the part WE NEED TO JUST BE!

Who is Fix My Business for?

  • Queens on a budget but still need robust training and guidance

  • Women who need help attracting more clients

  • Women who need clarity with pricing and the confidence to expect it

  • Women who need help understanding the systematic structure to build an online component for their business

  • One who  believes in personal development (mindset work)

  • A woman who needs community and guidance from women who look like her and share the same values

What are the additional benefits beyond training?

  • DIY Courses with a personal touch (direct access to Auguste Crenshaw)

  • Private distraction-free Community

  • Weekly Interaction with the coach

  • Monthly Calls (depending on tier)

Open Enrollment for Fix My Business but must have a consult call first!
Breakdown of the Courses - (not an exhaustive list)


Ideal Client to Cash

This is not your typical ideal client assignment. Get ready to explore the psychological and emotional spending triggers of your client. Discover how to develop the perfect marketing language to attract ideal clients who are energetically connected to your offers. 

How to Properly Price Your Products and Services

Learn how to specifically analyze how you price any product or service you create to ensure your business operates at a profit.

Budgets – How to Start w/ Minimal Overhead 

Get the guidance you need to understand which tools and other investments to take advantage of or avoid. This module will prevent premature investment. Minimizing overhead makes it easy to create a profit.

Lead Magnet Creation

Learn how to create a lead magnet based on your industry and ideal client. Lessen the guesswork of which lead magnet works best. Instead of being told what kind of lead magnets you can make get direction and understand what will work best for you. 


Lead Generation Strategies

Learn the strategies that are best for you to generate leads beyond using your lead magnet.

Email Structure Series

Emailing your list will never feel better. Learn how to create contagious emails that convert.

Creating a Signature Offer

It is sexy when you have a proprietary process to bring to the table! Having a signature process enables you to request top dollar and assert your authority. But what should you include? How many steps? What should it cost? Should it be DIY? Can it be DIY and still be high-ticket? Don't worry, we are gonna go through structure and price points. 

C.I.A Your Biz – Learning how to connect and attract clients on social media

While people may use social media to build their business, most coaches will teach you to spam. Learn the psychology behind people's behavior to effectively spot potential clients. 


Boss Mindset

Your mindset will waiver. My signature mindset modules will help fortify your mind and reignite your confidence. 

Creating Effective Affirmations

Tap into the power of creating powerful affirmations uniquely designed for your journey and challenges. Learning what to say and how to say it is a game-changer for how you speak to life and all of its challenges. What you speak will impact what you think and how you act will translate into what you attract.

Launch Strategy

Become more organized and work your time tables to set effective launch strategies to acquire clients for your courses and product sales. 

Sales Campaigns

Learn how to construct a quality sales campaign to go with your product launches.

Spiritual Mindset Training

Primarily to uproot the negative side-effects Christianity has created in your conscious and subconscious mind.

Summit Strategy

Get the entire playbook for launching a successful, profitable summit. 

Writing Your Book

For those who need help getting their topic mapped out. Also, learn additional strategies to use your book as a lead generation tool. Publishing strategy is only for those who choose to self-publish.


Learn the primary foundational tools and investment needed to create and launch your podcast.

Sales Strategy - this training is extensive and must be broken into parts.

Money Mindset

Explore your true value and relationships with money. We will eliminate blocks that stem from social or spiritual views and upbringing. Many empathetic entrepreneurs wrestle with abundance and true alignment with the divine's desire to impact on a large scale. We will review your price points and the base value + transformational value. In addition, create a money mantra to enhance your energy and affirm your sales goals.

Rapport (Awethentic Essence of Relationship Building)

This is the foundational component of the entire process. Learn how to discover the unique questions you should ask. When to speak and for how long. Learn how to incorporate vulnerability to fuel trust. This strategy allows you to be empowered based on a genuine, energetic connection. Learn how to engage each call from an empowered position. If you have to turn away a potential client "it is what it is". Only entertain making an offer with individuals who you feel connected to. 

Questions & Expertise

Now you have connected but you need the data to know if an offer should even be made. What you ask determines how much information they will provide. This allows you to position yourself as an expert or operate with integrity if you feel their needs are out of the scope of what you do. Properly positioning this conversation creates a conversation where you can lead them to talk themselves out of the objections. 

Objections & Awethentic Close

Let's dig deeper than the typical reasons: spouse approval, time and money. Learn the "real" reasons behind the Maybe. Convert this answer to a firm yes or no without the use of scare/bullying/intimidation tactics. Learn how to be non-invasive yet get the answers to sell a person beyond their fears. Help them over the hurdles that prevent them from moving forward. Learn the strategy to deal with their dilemmas

Follow-up + Awethentic Sales Conversion

It is all in how you reach out. Whether it's by phone, email, or messenger you must operate from a point of pure concern. You will have completed your Awethentic Sales Conversion template to create a foundational sales conversation so you do not forget to cover key elements on the call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fix My Business?

Fix My Business (FMB) is a group coaching program that aids you with mindset, strategy, and sales to create a profitable, sustainable business. It has been tailor-made to fit the essence and learning style of black women.  You will have direct contact with the coach, Auguste Crenshaw.

Is this program right for me?

Fix My Business is right for you if:  

  • You need help gaining leads and converting them into clients

  • Navigating the dos and don't of running a business online is overwhelming.

  • You are ready to do what it takes, but you need a budget-friendly solution that doesn't skimp because of the price

  • You are a great self-starter as long as you have a solid direction.

  • You wrestle with creating a business model where you can serve your community and make money simultaneously

  • You can honestly say you are ready to stop playing it safe and step into your full essence as a black woman

  • You are ready to deal with the holes in your business

What happens after I enroll in this program?  

1.) You will gain access to the private Facebook Group. You will immediately begin your first assignment. The courses are recommended based on your personal and professional development. 

How will the training be delivered?

The training are pre-recorded. 

Supplemental trainings will be added as questions arise.

Monthly calls will be via zoom - when technical difficulties occur we will meet via phone

How is this different from other programs out there?  

Due to the high need for connection, I will be actively involved. My business hinges on the human element, expect my presence in the group. Your activity in the group is necessary to make sure you are in implementation, not information mode.  You will not be passed on to my trainees and assistants!

It is my vow to raise the expectation for high-quality service for all participants. 

What's the investment?

Today's price is not tomorrow's price so make sure if you are interested get on the calendar and talk to me. If it is a good fit let's go!  

When will this program begin?

Enrollment is open to anyone at any time. 

What is your refund or guarantee policy? 

I do not offer refunds. I am 1000% committed to providing quality training for the entire program. I do not guarantee your results will mirror that of former clients. I do not guarantee results at any specific dollar amount or percentage. The success of your business is directly related to many variables outside the scope of my control such as brand awareness, lead generation, the reputation of your product results, and more. The purpose of this product is not to perpetuate any affiliation to get-rich-quick schemes. You can cancel your membership at any time. 

Will this strategy work for my industry?

The simple answer is, Yes! Here are the industries I have taught sales: T-Shirt Artists, Jewelry Designers, Marriage Coaches, Language Coaches, Massage Therapists, Event Planners, Luxury Brow Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Publishers, Business Coaches, MLM'ers, Parent Coaches, Dog Groomers, Writing Coaches, Financial Advisors/Coaches and more. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to email me at We will set up a time to talk

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