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Are You the One?

I have paid as little as $97 to $3200 per month to be in group coaching programs/Masterminds. Two things irked me: (1) the inability to feel accepted and appreciated when I showed up AWETHENTICALLY (2) the lack of attention. 

Don't get it twisted I am not dissatisfied with all of my investments. I have experienced phenomenal coaching and excellent results and have connected with some amazing powerhouses.

However, my responsibility as an entrepreneur is to have an obsession with what is wrong/missing.

We are Professional Problem  Solvers.

The problem I solve is making YOU the central focus.


I know most coaches are working on building mega-businesses where they keep growing and growing. I desire to keep it intimate.



Because, Queen, you can hide in these programs.

Someone else can take up the time to get coached through those group calls.

Meanwhile, you are trying to learn vicariously, it ain't working.

You have these blocks you don't understand, but you KNOW THAT YOU KNOW THAT YOU KNOW...

...what the DIVINE has put in you is to free others and provide you with life-changing income.

You need more personalized help to overcome the mindset hurdles that prevent you from showing up in your full excellence and brilliance when you market through copy and video.

That same authority needs to be there on your sales calls.


Of course, you are! 

Your question is, AM I THE ONE to assist you?

Here is your Wonderland moment. 

Choose the path that makes the most sense to you.

I am in hurry to convert you. This is a relationship, and we will move at the speed that aligns with your desire.

I am responsible for delivering a message that reveals I am the INDISPUTABLE OPTION to get you to the next level.

Choose your gift below and we will connect if and when the time arises.


For Women in Business who want to show up Powerfully online!


How to Master Copy, Video, and Sales to Connect, Convict and Close More Clients!


Specifically for mastering:



Video Content & 



There are new rules! Enjoy the path to reinvention and creating a life and business on your terms for real, for real!

How you can work with me?
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I have found in the coaching arena it is a little cut-throat. Yep, I said it and with no hesitation. I see the programs that are perfectly marketed. I see the people who exhaust their funds with no real results.

Systems and foundational principles are important, BUT once the system is in place, all kinds of ish comes up.

The human experience is different for all of us. The rejection, hurt, and pains of our past and current situations are illuminated once we get on this journey to live our passion.

It is time for you to hire a coach who is in tune with your vision. No surface level YOU WANNA CHANGE THE WORLD BULLSHIT!

I have to be relentless about my client’s goals. They believe in themselves but the bullshit in their life (fucked up experiences) often requires me to believe harder and stronger for a season.

Sometimes I have to deviate from my system. The system is not going to bring you success. OPENING YOU UP TO YOUR BRILLIANCE WILL!

Lastly, I am in no hurry to sell you anything. I only want to work with those I am assigned to. As a master closer, I had to learn that all money ain't good money. By the time we decide to work together, it will evident the time is NOW! 

First, let's make sure we are a good fit. Start with the Case Study and then you can decide if your mind is made up or you may need to check me out a little more. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE CASE STUDY.

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