Queen of Awethenticity!

Helping Black Women Show up in their Power Unapologetically!

Starting a Business Was the Easy Part!

After saying yes to my dream, I made a lot of mistakes, pricy ones at that. I was an excited, ambitious go-getter but overwhelmed and doubtful.


The reality is entrepreneurship is challenging. It starts with the fire within you but then all this other shit comes up  about your mindset issues, marketing, ideal clients, confidence, sales and so much more. Fears and inadequacies show up and only those who choose to win actually do.


You are the "real deal" and you see a real need for your product or service. Imagine working with a Business Coach who is more concerned about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS than they are about their system.   ​

Your passion is real and requires commitment and dedication. If you are an entrepreneur who desires coaching that matches your passion, then HELLO! I am raw, real, and relentless.


Whether we work 1-1 or in a group, my style offers unparalleled support, synergy, and accountability. Go beyond the surface and improve your confidence. Get clear on your client base, solidify your brand and your offer, embrace visibility, enhance your conversation, and become a SALES BEAST!


I offer enough structure to create a formidable empire coupled with the creative freedom to allow you to step into the fullness of who you were CREATED TO BE. 


NO MORE "cookie-cutter"  bullshit. NO MORE being lost in the crowd, you are more than a number.




Black Women Naturally do it differently!

I have paid as little as $97 to $2895 per month to be in group coaching programs and two things that irked me: none of them could relate to the sister-girl swag and the other was the lack of attention. I was in an industry that appeared to be dominated by whites. I didn't really like their methods. They seemed more profit than people-based. The same coach I felt a connection with was uninvolved. Instead, I and others were expected to take the course work and teach each other. Yes, the blind leading the blind.


No one could truly help me with the language of my ideal client. They had these cookie-cutter systems and I was supposed to fit my shit into it. Well, I can’t control everyone else. However, I have made the commitment, I will never fully eliminate the human experience from what I do. You deserve the attention you paid for!

Why work with me

I have found in the coaching arena it is a little cut-throat. Yep, I said it and with no hesitation. I see the programs that are perfectly marketed. I see the people who exhaust their funds with no real results.

Systems and foundational principles are important, BUT once the system is in place all kinds of ish comes up.

The human experience is different for all of us. The rejection, hurt, and pains of our past and current situations are illuminated once we get on this journey to live our passion.

It is time for you to hire a coach who is in tune with your vision. No surface level YOU WANNA CHANGE THE WORLD BULLSHIT!

I have to be relentless about my client’s goals. They believe in themselves but the bullshit in their life (fucked up experiences) often requires me to believe harder and stronger for a season.

Sometimes I have to deviate from my system. The system is not going to bring you success. OPENING YOU UP TO YOUR BRILLIANCE WILL!

How you can work with me

For the woman who is ready to take her vision and bring it to life. Your job and home life take up a significant amount of time.


You don’t have time to waste; you need a budget-friendly group coaching option without sacrificing the value. This is for the woman who is ready to get in position and transition out of her job.

You are either a full-time entrepreneur or ready to transition from your job.


If you are looking to make more money faster and are ready to commit: get ready for combo offers that include group and 1-1 coaching options.

For the business savvy woman who needs to accelerate her cash flow, wants a hands-on experience, and added support. 


Get ready to see accelerated results in a 3-6 month time frame!

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