for the non-excuse-driven woman who needs help
building a profitable, sustainable business!
Business & Sales Strategy Coach

In a world when anyone can label themselves as an entrepreneur, I know the #1 Unique Identifying Factor is "YOU"! I am here to transfer knowledge, and strategies and turn on the switch to your Genius!

I am a Business Coach who specializes in strategy, mindset, and sales. I NEED YOU to show up living and breathing unapologetically. You see what is going on and you know it is time for things to be done differently.

Neither one of us has time for FLUFF AND B.S. LIST BUILDING TACTICS, I am coming straight out the gate with value! 


Come and see why my clients say, "Working with Auguste will make you feel like you can take over the world!" 


Working with me means real strategies you can use right away! It means getting a coach who is more concerned about your vision than her process!


I am bright, vibrant, knowledgeable, a world changer, trendsetter, and a sales beast, who wouldn't be shit without the tribe of women connected to me.


I am RAW, REAL & RELENTLESS! Your goals are my goals; I am your SUCCESS CHAMPION! 

Learn the Top 3 Sales Mistakes of Female Coaches &
How to Avoid Them

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