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Helping Women in Business Master Copy, Video & Sales to

Connect, Convict and Close More Clients!

Hiring a Team Doesn’t Make You a

Business Owner or Guarantee Freedom!

Until you get to the other side,

the high-ticket world feels like a magical place

where everybody is raking in the dough.


The real deal is only a small few make bank;

the rest bask in the hope of achieving what they believe is the ultimate level of success.


Unfortunately, you end up lost in a group of dozens or perhaps even hundreds of eager people just like you.




Intimacy is the game changer for your financial increase.


You landed on this page because you are not one of what appears to be the chosen few, but you know you should be.


You may hesitate because with each investment comes the potential for resentment.

I know because I was you.


You, too, are coachable.


You hired a VA so you can post more but

You struggle to provide them with content.


Your email list hears from you more


BUT, not nearly enough and they aren't converting.

You have invested in ads.

The bottom line is you have done all the things.


Hold up; allow me to shift gears briefly and call you out on your shit. 


That damn video thing trips you up. You rarely go live and have an archive of videos that never see the light of day.


LOL, but so serious now we can get back to how coachable you are?


You did the things, and it feels like something is changing.


Client calls are getting booked.


You experience a ton of no-shows, but hey, the statistics say it happens. That doesn’t make it feel better. Does it?

The real issue is you can't convert the few who show up.

Your sales call sucks, with or without the script.


You may or may not have locked in some high-ticket sales, but they aren’t flooding in.

A war begins in your mind, and one of the first thoughts is whether or not the investment was

wise because what do you have to show for it?


My bad, you are part of a mega-group or some bad-ass Mastermind.


So you find something to celebrate and be grateful for as you remember the affirmation money loves gratitude.

And you celebrate "you" because you put the money where your mouth is and paid top dollar to get your business going.


As time passes, you realize you can’t pay your way to success.


Membership with the elite doesn’t equate to the same status or balance in the bank.


So you keep going and attempt to lock in more clients.




Hell, you aren’t even 100% confident in the program you created and have been building on the fly.

So you guess 8 weeks is good enough and put a 5k price tag on it?

Add your weekly sessions and then expect

clients to do the work, get results, and give you a killer testimonial, and the rest is history.




It doesn’t happen, but you gotta succeed because this is your God-given gift!


You had the revelation and took the leap of faith.


So you…


You rely on weekly calls for inspiration

Masterminds sessions for encouragement 

Meetups for motivation




With each passing day, your zeal decreases, and posting becomes more of a struggle.


You have unused hours with your VA, but you shouldn’t.


If anything, you should be increasing their task list.


The problem is you were caught up in the “comparison trap” and hired someone to handle

your social media and didn’t master your MESSAGING. 


One of the worst decisions you can make is to hire a VA or social media strategist just to take a load off

your plate and feel more like a business owner?

Marketing is the primary foundation for acquiring clients, and in the realm of intellectual property, ads are not enough.


YOU have to SHOW UP!


I promise…


…you either believe you are showing up but aren’t generating more sales




  …you feel guilty because you know you should do more…


…but you "really" are lost.


Plenty of coaches say just do it and stop overthinking, but they haven’t helped you work through

your unique voice and developing the comfort of expressing it.


Then you can confidently show up in these internet streets in a way that demonstrates

you are the INDISPUTABLE option for your ideal clients.


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But you already know that. I reiterate, your coach told you to.


It is your secret sauce on the strategy that helps you stand out in all the noise in these social media streets.


Don’t settle and suffer in your business  and say, “But at least I work for myself.”

I want you to enjoy running your business which provides the opportunity to create a life you love!


I have created a case study for you to take a deeper dive into how to show up in a manner that connects with prospects that pay.

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